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Skilled Handyman

Nick's Handyman Services 727 424 9247
I would highly recommend Nick! He has done some drywall fixing, painting, installed my new bi-fold doors, installed a cabinet above my master bathroom toilet, and cut the plastic florescent covers so I would have nice white ones instead of yellow ones. They were so old. Nick hung some things on the wall, sprayed my old microwave cabinet and one louver door, which came out great! Better than I would if I bought new. They don't make things as good anymore.
Most importantly, my water heater was leaking in the garage, and Nick came over late at night at the last minute to help me turn the water heater knob that I did not have the strength to do myself. He made it safe, so water did not keep going in my garage, and the breaker was turned off. I did not know what to do. I finally found a good Handyman! it took a while! I am grateful for what Nick did for me and have more work for him!

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